Friday, January 21, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt

Today Has Come

                                      Lets Call Him As D
 Firstly, you Have to know That There is No "D" in His Beautiful Name..

                Thats Why I Call Him "D"  so that You Cannot Guess Who is He


                           I was Engaged To Him Just Past Few Days
Therefore, I will Have to Terminate My FB account - N A ABDULLAH AHMAD

               My Friends, I Wont Forget You,

 If there is a Will, I will Invite all of You to Our WEDDING

                                        But Then, I still dont know when will be our wedding

He Said That The Day Will Come And It Will Be A Surprise For Me <3~

Hurm, Thats All I Want To Confess for Now

p/s: SEbarang pertanyaan lebih lanjut tidak akan dilayan. terima kasih ;)

: Nur Ain Binti Abdullah Officially Engaged With  D  :

May We Find Allah's Blessing In Our Way To Meet Him . ameen..

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