Sunday, August 10, 2008

Welcome to Malakat92 ;)


huhu.. lame gler x update..well..
i dont know what i'm goin to type here..
hurm.. well.. maybe..uhh yeayh!.. ingt dah..

To All 1992's babies..All of You are invite to Join a Forum known as MALAKAT92..

what is Malakat92 ??
~ its a very special place where we gather all of our friends that born on 1992..
~ we also share our happy, sad, exciting story here..
~ we also provide u with some useful media software..and many more..
~ u love music ? we all are too.. lets share the fun of music with us!
~ lost contact with your old buddy ? searching for them ?.. lets join us!..perhaps u
can find the person u looking for at the forum ..
~ don't miss out this invitation.. lets join us now!
~ once u join us, dont be lazy to get active at the forum.. and.. please invite ur
friends that born on 1992 to join us.. work with us to gather all 1992' babies
here.. ;)

Why MALAKAT92 ??

~ as our main aim is to gather all 1992's.. malakat is the best name for it as the meaning is "perhimpunan segala dagang".. yea2.. i know that we all are not "pedagang" but.. if u get the clue here.. u will understand it lar.. and 92 is for the special year of 1992..

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