Saturday, January 17, 2009

lists of products to BOYCOTT

http://www. inminds. co. uk/boycott-brands. html

lets make a change in our life..
dont you have a heart ?

why do we have to buy things under those israel/american products ?
when we know that all of our money will be donate to them to buy and make new weapons to kill our brothers and sisters in palestin..

we here sure dont have the kind of energy nor weapons to kill the israel army..
we have the right and strength to boycott their products..
bit by bit.. we will manage to take them down by making their economy to the worst..

as for the muslims..
we have to save our brothers and sisters out there..
israel are killing them with no heart and mercy..
they killed childrens and womens..with no reasons..
are you still going to sit and just forget this message ?
imagine.. if your family being killed by them..
are you still going to stand there and do nothing ?
Allah give us the brain for us to think whether what should do and what shouldn't..

[dari isi hati >.< ]

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