Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Allah Help Me , Allah Save Me

tHE DIary of the unknown..

Allah, thought this way is not easy

insyaAllah i will stay on this road

even theres many diverge roads infront

insyaAllah I will follow the bright one

O Allah, I am kinda missing you a lot

O Allah, I know you are watching me

O Allah, theres many test i had been through by this week

some of the test even hurt my feelings soo much
but Allah, I know that You always know what I feel
You know the best what Im suffering

O Allah
again, I miss you
really missing You My Rabb

My heart will always be with you
at first, it was hard to let go of my heart for You
but then, I think this is the only way to get to meet You
You who create me.. You who guide me
its always been You protecting me
and YOU, O ALLAH, who LOVE me
to You this small heart belong to ~

Allah, I will always be your slave
My only wish is to meet you my Lord
To You I return ;)

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