Thursday, July 7, 2011

i dont have any idea ...

it feels really calm in this heart when you really understand what you said infront of Allah in your prayers.


it had been very long period of time I didn't update this blog. the blog that left many precious memory of my late father. hurm.
i know that i shouldn't be like this..
feel sad for what had happened and things that can't be turn back.
i know i shouldn't be like this
but I am just His little slave.. I still cant forget my dad.
it's like he is still here looking at me but it just me who cant see him. ;)

actually i do wrote something to post.. but i didn't have the mood to continue the article..
so i kept it save in my documents. huhu..
( eh2, pengetua online la pagi ni.. >.< )
ahemm.. back to me..
well.. i have nothing else to say..
hopefully Allah ease my life, upgrade my iman.. ameen.

- Hatiku Milik Allah , To Allah I'll return -

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