Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First April.. ~~

huh.. on first april.. thought today will be a special day.. but..
when my first step into my classroom.. all of my friends looked very sad.. some of them were crying and some looked like just received a very bad news..
then.. i went to my seat.. i ask my friend, Fairuz.. what is exactly happen..
then.. she tells me.. one of our classmate are in ICU.. she is now at the hospital..
she met with an accident yesterday..ouhh.. that was a very bad news..
i felt like losing her..
she is my best partner in prefect organisation...
both of us always took down the bad students together at school..
sometimes we share our problems together..
makes jokes and laugh.. i always remember how nice she is..
she is more matured than me.. she teaches me from wrong to right..
she is a good friend..she is also good in studies..
and now..
i pray for her health.. hope she will get well soon..
i will go to the hospital to visit her..
seriously.. i miss her..
i want to stay by her side..
ok..that is it for now..
got to go..
nady~.. im coming~..

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