Wednesday, April 16, 2008

HaPpY SwEeT SixTeeN <33


today.. is the best day ever~..
let me start this fantastic story of my life..

i was online and surfing internet last nite.. then.. i have a little chit chat with best friend for ever~!
then.. at 11.59 p.m , my phone ringings.. then i saw at my pda screen " 3 message received "..
hee~.. i open it and read one by one..first..its from adeq Talha, followed by atika a.k.a Che Tom and Faizal..
they wished me " happy bufday "..[ thanks a lot my dear friends.. ;)]
then.. i received a message from esha.. well..she wished me "happy bufday too.."
and i really appreciate her messages.. "we are best friend for ever~!..Remember that.."..
yea.. i will always remember.. even we sometimes argued and hating each others.. but..deep down.. we are still best friend..and NO ONE CAN STOP OUR RELATIONSHIPS~!..
what ever happen.. even if we are not seeing each other again.. i will always keep esha in my heart..cause u are my dear best friend.. :)

ok.. then.. i went to 3.00 a.m..
and at 5.00 a.m.. i woke up..
then 5.30 a.m..i received a message from Sara.. my good friend :)..
followed by aisyah saad and someone that i don't know who????..
and..thanks again my dear friends..:)..

at school ~..
when my first step into the class, ain s sangs a song for me.. wishing me happy birthday..
thanks.. u do have a nice voice :)
and then.. we went to the assembly together..
at assembly, i met nady.. both of us then get on duty as a prefect "meronde kawsan skola"..:D
then.. i met hawa.. she also wishing me "happy bufday"..
then.. three of us.. went back to the assembly..
and..all prefect [girl] had a meeting..
only 15 minutes..then.. we went to class and started P&P..
then.. esha took out something from her desk box.. she gave me a is in a rectangular red box..
even only looking at the box make me feel happy.. thank you esha..:)
when recess, ida, sara, fara and me went to the canteen and have a fast food..
then.. after recess.. cikgu salley [ soleh] give us a history note..
and left some homework..
then.. when subject agama.. ustazah didnt come to our class.. she been busy lately..
well.. i just pack my beg and books..and then chat with friends..
then..esha came to her desk which is beside me..and she started to cry..
i was panic.. and i don't know what to say.. she said..she had done mistake by giving me the present..
she said..the present she gave me is a symbolic to separate both of us..
then i said..
never mind.. i don't care about the symbolic and i do receive her present with open handed..
then she still crying..i offered her some waters but she decline..
then.. i gave her some tissues to wipe her tears..then..
exactly.. at 12.00 p.m, school bell rings..
atika and i went to unit pancaragam meetings..
first..she said.. she want to pay something and want me to accompanied her.. then..i accompanied her to met a teacher..
then when we were going down stairs.. she said she accidently left a text book at class and have to get the book back after meeting the teacher and sattled her payment..
erm.. i'm thinking for a while and said " okay"..
then.. we heard an announcement.. all pancaragam's members must gathered at class 3rk 1..
i really want to go to the class..but atika said..let get the book first .. she also said..that one of our classmate called us to go back to the class as there is some work that must be done..
then.. i was like..err[which one huh.. going to class 3rk for pancaragam or went back to class..]
then..atika make a face.. like really want me to go back to the class..
then i had to say ok ..when we were going upstairs.. i tell her.. that im lazy to went back to the class..
i will just sit at the stairs and wait for her there..
but.. she forces me to go into the class..
and..when i at the front door at my class.. i saw. that all the windows and doors were closed tidely..
i have a strange feeling.. i ask atika.. " nape tutup pintu tingkap nih.. x pernah berlaku pun sebelum nie.."
then.. she just said.. please open the door..
hurm.. strange.. and i am refused to do so..
then she forces me again.. and finally..
when i slowly open the front door..
i heard a happy birthday song , sing by all my dear best friends..
i saw a beautiful and luvly chocolate cake with six lighting candles .. waaa...
i was surprised.. and still didnt believe it..
for the first time..
my friends celebrating my birthday and make a fantastic birthday surprise!..
i was very thankful and blessful to Allah as He had make and give me very caring good friends at my side..
i will always remember this..
and after they have done singing a beautiful song with a nice tone and beautiful voices..
they ask me to make a wish..
well.. here is what i wished for..
" ya Allah.. aku berdoa dan memohon agar engkau sentiase mengeratkan hubungan persahabatan kami semua.. janganlah engkau pisahkan kami walaupun kami akan berjauhan.. kau pimpinlah kami ke jalan yang diredhaimu.. dan kau berikanlah kami kejayaan di dunia dan di akhirat..aminn ;) "
and then i blow the candle..
wee~..happy..and im still smiling rite now..:)
thanks to esha,aisya,atika,ida,sara,hawa,ains,fairuz,nady.fara,and ??...kedai kek yg buat kek coklet yg paling istimewa itu..

even we are not sisters in blood..we are sisters in our relationship..:).. <33

i luv all my friends.. espeselly esha mohammad.. ;)
thanks for shine my days..
and lights my nights..
u always the bright for my view..


sss said...

Hehe..Happy Belated Befday!

ibn daud said...

Allah selamatkan kamu,
Allah selamatkan kamu,
Allah selamatkan ain,
Allah selamatkan kamu.~~
-moga umur ain diberkati-