Thursday, May 29, 2008


26/5/08 monday

well.. today.. i woke up like always.. and have breakfast at the restaurant in the hotel..
i ate nasi goreng and drank orange juice and for the mouth dish, i ate watermelon, my favret.. ;)
then.. i went back to my room .. and left my sis and bro at the room.. then.. i went to the hall.. where i can see a beautiful scenery and release my mind.. i stayed there till noon.. then.. a few people came out from the meeting room [puteri3] they are from kementerian pelajaran malaysia.. they all sit infront of me.. and i talked to one of them.. ouh yea.. punyela sembang2.. lupe nak tanye name.. huhh=.="..then.. they snaped some photos.. i also recommended them to get a photos background of the beautiful scenery of the swimming pool and the sea from up here and another one at the bridge where we can see a beautiful buildings and towers.. [just like at disney] ;)..

then.. i call sara.. then recieve mesej and a call from hawa..
sara and hawa are coming to me at this 3.00 p.m.. then.. i went back to my room and turn on my laptop..
ouh.. dushh.. borink2.. then.. Nik call me.. haha.. yeay!.. what a nice guy!.. he call me and we have our conversation for 20 minutes.. hee.. sambil2 sembang2 ngan Nik.. im trying to search for a wireless network here..
ouh.. yes.. finally.. i'm online!.. then.. kredit Nik yg baru ditopup tu da abes.. haha.. mmg dia kate nak abeskan kredit dia pon mase dia call i.. so.. layan je la..xD..
then.. i on my ym.. and have a chat with aishah, akeem, and paih..
miss aishah a lots!.. and chatting with her today is like a pengubat rindu~ haha..
then.. i off my laptop coz hawa and sara have arrived at the lobby.. soo i went there and bring them to my room..
syahida is not coming coz she have to take care of her siblings as her parents are not at home..
ouh.. but.. she gave me a present .. sara and hawa gave me a card.. hee..
thanks gurls!..then.. me, sara and hawa.. went on walking to the shopping.. its not that far from the we arrive at the shopping.. yea.. what else.. jalan2 masuk semua kedai.. then buy something that catch my eyes!..
ngee~.. then..after we bought some clothes.. we went to the restaurant and have a bowl of kue tiaw soup each..
we add some chilli papers and suddently. we cry.. haha!.. spicy!.. cant stand it soo we ordered drinks. i have teh ais and hawa n sara have teh O ais..hee.. then.. we went to the candy stores.. i belanje sara and hawa 2 types of candies.. both of them choose the on that have asam inside it.. dunno what its called.. but i bought a lolypop for myself.. hee.. then.. we went out of the shopping center and walk to other shops at area 'pokok asam'..
we ate the candies while we were walking to the shop.. hee.. then.. we stop by at pustaka ummi, my friend's book and stationary shop.. we godek2 that shop and finally! we found something interesting!"sms cintan" haha..
lolz.. mmg baguih la buku tu untuk mat2 yg nak usha aweks nih.. ayat2 dlm buku tu mmg power ouh.. seb bek tak cair ngan buku tu.. ngahaha.. JK.. ;P
hee.. then..we snap some picture of the content of the book.. hee.. jahat tul..ngee~..
here is some 'ayats' yg sempat disnap oleh mycamera..hee..

"it may sound simple, nothing unique or original..
but yet it means so much and take courage to say..
I wanna tell U *I MISS U a lot!.. "

"lampu-lampu jalanan
menerangi jejak cinta kita
menuntunku menuju dirimu
bahkan saat ku pejamkan mata
langkahku tetap dan pasti
tak terhasut oleh segala godaan

di sudut kamarku
terukir lukisan dirimu "

hek2.. okes.. then we go for shopping again..
and this time.. i bought a long skirt.. its purple and have a cute pinky flower on it.. ;)
whee.. im planning to wear it on with a top that aishah gave me..
hum.. then.. we bought ice-cream and enjy it.. then.. hawa's mom came.. pick us up at the shopping and sent me back to the hotel..
T.T".. sad3~.. im leaving my sahabats.. T.T".. just cant believe this..huhh.. then..
i went to my room.. and online and have a chat with jue..;)
then.. i off.. after isyak , i follow my mom for last minute shopping..=.="
then.. went for a dinner.. urgh.. malas nak cite about this one.. xde mood!.. humm..then..
i online.. and chat with aishah, akeem, laili,azri,ammarah and join Malakat92's conference..;]
thanks to all of them coz brighten my days and nites.. luv them very much! ;)
okeyh la.. that it's for now.. nite~..

[maafla~ bahase tunggang langgang~ hee~xD]


Anonymous said...

sms cintan?
macam pernah tgk je buku ni
dalam tu.. ayat jiwang gile kan

oooo.. amik gambar kat buku tu ek
xde cctv ke kat kedai tu?
hahah :D

AlifBaTa said...


kakak yg control cctv tu buzy sapu sampah..
kiterang pun mengambil kesempatan la..

lepas2 amek gamba..
kiterang cepat2 kuar dri kedai tu..