Thursday, May 8, 2008

Its getting closer~~

today is already 8 May 2008..

feelin like~ huhh.. im not ready to leave my best friends~

i dont want to lose them.. they are very precious to me~ ;)

but my mom already ask me to fill the "Borang Permohonan Bertukar Sekolah"..

T.T" each words stated in the form.. like a tears running out of my eyes.. im really have no heart to leave my friends~
luv them very much! ;)
well.. whatever it is.. i have to.. i have to do this.. its for my own good..said my mom.
yea2.. its for my own good.. need to remember this one in my head..

erhh.. still have no heart to move!
what should i do.. ~-~"

my mom ask me many times to pack my bags and others..
but i just packed only da little things..
i didnt pack my clothes , books , and my photo album..
and if my dad know this one.. he will be mad.. very mad..

he will be home on this 10 May 2008..
he want all things in this house is already packed and ready to be post to KLIA by ship..

and perhaps.. im not going to be able to online like always~ huhu..

well.. there's 4 empty boxes in my room..
i'm suppose to fill it in with my clothes and books..
but im lazy to do it.. xP
actually still not ready to move!

i dont want to move!
ahaa.. for the first time im not agree with my parents..
uhh.. forget it.. i'm not going to argue with them about this..
i have to follow them.. i have to listen to them..
coz.. they always know what the best for me.. yeah.. for me..

think again..

if i want to be an architect..
i have to learn the basic of technical drawing..
i have to success in my studies.. therefore.. the best school for me is smkkklia..
there i will focus on my studies..
i'm not going to be like before.. playin~ and make a fool of studies..
yeah~!.. i want to success~ i hope i will achieve my ambition..
i want to pay all my parents love and cares to me since i was born..
im going to make them the happiest parents ever..

i love my parents
i love my family
i love my friends
i love to be a muslim as i be love by Allah s.w.t. ;))


Anonymous said...

ok.. milah xtau ape2
nak pindah mn plak? o.O

Anonymous said...

dia nak g klia seyh~

jue said...

Sayang Ain ketat2!!!~~~~
Sama la masa kita isi form tu
Masa tu bukan aku yg isi, tapi akak aku
Pastu pejabat sekolah print, kan?
Pastu buat 3 salinan kan? Mmg lepak sket r

nur ain said...


jue..sayang ko jgak! ;)

baru tadi ni..
pekerje tukang pos brng2 ni datng umah..
nak kire brng2 yg nak diangkut..
kelam kabut lari masuk bilek coz mase tu sy x pakai tudung.. dahla pakai baju tido jer.. haha xD

hp tertinggal kat depan ngan buku2..
soo.. beborink ni.. bukak la laptop.. huhu..