Monday, May 26, 2008

Bella 25/5/08 2

25.5.08 | 12.30 mlm

humm.. wel it's already 12.30 a.m .. i do feel sleepy.. plus.. i'm not feeling well.. im cold actually.. must be because of the rain .. my tekak saket.. T_T".. well.. actually im really bored staying at here.. at bella vista.. im not saying this is a bad hotel .. just that.. it is too big.. and i feel lonely here.. i thought my friend will come by here.. but it seem like not.. it raining all the day.. humm.. after 2 days staying here.. i have 2 days more to go.. really miss esha, my bff dhem much!.. i'm wonder what was she doing right now..
i've been thinking about her all the day.. and there is 1 more person i have been waiting and thinking..
a friend from banting.. cant stop thinking of both of that person!.. t.t..
today , the rain didnt stop.. i can see the water river increse...humm.. wonder.. what will happen to langkawi if the drain stuck and the water level of the river keep increase~.. then.. i juz stay at my room.. have no mood to tawafing the hotel walopon hotel nih best!.. soo.. i took my hp and reading the past messages.. mesej from the person that i ve been thinking the whole day!.. really miss both of them soo much!..
humm.. oke lah.. that its for today.. i really tired rite now.. need to get some sleep in the same time teringat kat pesanan seseorng tu yg sentiasa marah if i sleep late.. haha.. okeyh.. semoga hari esok lebih cerah dan lebih baik dari hari ini.. ;)) wassalam~~


eL Magnifico said...

umah ko ke tuh??gilax..

eL Magnifico said...

rumah ko ke tuh??gilax..

AlifBaTa said...

not my house lar..

itu sebahagian bangunan kat hotel bella vista..

arianne pon sedang bercuti kat langkawi skng nie.. dan stay kat hotel tu jugak^^

sarah said...

hey ain...
tempat cecantik tuhh ..
ko leh boring...


AlifBaTa said...

sarah, ko tatau kisah silam hotel tu..
whuu~ seram seyh~ T.T

jue said...

ROFL!! Cantik tapi bersejarah ek..
Whoaaa.. Aku.. Aku.. Takut gakk.. Ehehehehe

AlifBaTa said...

heheh Jue..
try call rin..
tanye jap dia dok bilik no. bape..
huu.. jgn dok X-bilik ku :125,123,128:

dah le mase stay kat hotel tu ..dok tido kt bilik sengsorang~ huu~
time tido..selimut habis satu badan.. dok sembunyi bawah slimut tu je arr..
pintu lak.. kunci, siap gne lock lagi..