Friday, May 23, 2008

My Only Bestie That I Care Very Much!


i don't know how to say this..
this is all come from my true feelings..
i love my best friend dhem much!..
she is very caring!.. yeah.. but.. not everyone can see her kindness.
and yet saying bad things bout her!.. how stupid is that!..

Nurul Aishah Mohammad.. born on 7 October 1992..
being my friend around year 2005..
on april 2005 when she gave me a present..
a classic glass of mickey mouse and friends..
i still keep it safely in a box..
dont want it to be broken by my lil bro yg ske main bola kat dlm umah.. ..=.=
then.. she wasn;t attending to school coz she taking care of her sis..
she is soo kind..
even her parents sumtimes sgt busy.. but she still tabah..
she donated her sum2 tulng to her sis.. ouh.. how nice is that..
then.. when i fall sick.. she is the one who taking care of me..
she give me a liltle massage.. she give me foods even i said tanak.. tade selere.. she forces me..
she wants me to get better.. she is the most caring person i had ever had..
when we were form 2.. she had been move from the first class..
well.. yela.. she been busy taking care of her sis and didnt get enough time to study.. pity her..
in form 2.. even we were not in da same class.. we still "kamcing"..
we go to recess together and for solat asar together..
i dont want to lose a best friend like her..
then.. when we were in form 3.. yeay!.. we were in the same class..
we study together.. she sit at my side..
and do things together..
and when we went to "mysore".. we share a room..
we talk.. chat .. plays.. and so-on together..
aha.. i can remember when she said.. she is afraid looking at the bathroom at our room..
well.. it sure did looked like "seram " huhu..
and looking at the window.. haha..
menakutkan juga.. ..
then.. mase nak ambil result pmr..
i arrived first.. and then wait for her..
aiyaa.. lambat benar dia dtng..
but i still wait for her..
then .. we ambil result together..
resultnyer. ade la.. rahsie.. tak yah la kecoh2.. hee~

then.. now.. form 4.. yup.. still same class..
and she still sit at my side..
im soo happy..
even sumtimes ade gak gadoh2.. but.. x lame la..
dlm 3 hari tu baik smule.. hehe..
then.. sesuda itu..
i dapat tau.. i kne pindah.. follow my family to klia..
ouh.. why!..
i enjoy my life with her..
but.. i have to let her go..
i wont be seeing her after 27 may ni..
i really dont want to move..
actually.. i have been prentending like kemas barang2 depan dia..
yg sebenarnyer.. i tak kemas sket pon!..
i biarkan barang2 tu.. camtu..
tanak usik sikit pon!..
tanak pindah!..
everyday.. my mom marah i.. coz tak kemas lagi barang2..
i juz diam.. diamm.. and diamm..
then.. today..
my mom said.. if i didnt kemas all the things.. when my dad sampai balik sini..
i will have to give him the answer.. ouh alamak!..
takut larh.. if my dad get mad.. ouh.. he will defenately kick me out from the house~..
juz like if i ponteng skola.. huhu...
then.. i finally start packing my things..
i start with packing the frames~and so-on.. gift from friends~..
ouh.. every times i look at the photos and frames.. i see my best friend esha..
i cry.. tears runing out of my eyes..
i cant stand it..
then.. i online and have a chat with esha..
i told her.. i dont want to move away..
i love her dhem much.. but i dont think that she believe what i said..
she just nod..
and tell me.. just move!.. coz that is what i always wanted..
and.. i.. i.. i juzt.. changing the subject..
i couldnt accept it..
and then.. im writting these..
hurm.. and i feel better after i wrote this..
yup.. okeylah.. got to go.. taa~

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